Big's Mobile Detailing

Have your car washed while you play!




Big’s Mobile Detailing was founded by Isaiah Barhoum in 2014. Isaiah was a Senior at Meadowdale High School and he started the company by saving $500, putting supplies in the back of his vehicle, and detailing cars for friends in their driveways.

Since then, the company has taken off. Big’s Mobile has tripled in revenue each year, given work to 25+ individuals, and donated to charities throughout the greater Seattle area. Isaiah is a rising senior at the University of Washington, and is constantly looking for ways to use his company to benefit others.

Isaiah is in the process of franchising the company. Once franchised, Big’s Mobile Detailing will be the first company to give low-income college students their own auto detailing business for little-to-no cost. This business model will provide a tool that helps our low-income communities in a way that has never been done before.

Detailing Package Includes:

Hand wash and dry exterior

Vacuum Interior carpets and seats

Clean wheels and dress tires

Clean and dress wheel wells

Quick cleaning of door and trunk jambs

Wipe down all interior plastics (including center console and dash)

Wipe down gas cap area

Clean interior and exterior windows


Package Price: $100

10% of the proceeds will be donated to PSP Children's Foundation



Want to follow up after the tournament?

If you would like to book a detail after the tournament, feel free to visit their website,, and view their various packages. You can book online from the website, or simply give them a phone call.